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BY: Bix

Richie Riches Will See Ferrari’s Enzo Replacement By End Of 2012

But the rest of us will have to wait a bit longer.

Ferrari has a very nice early Christmas present planned for the Jim Glickenhauses and Jack Donaghys of the world this year: an exclusive look at the car maker's new 920 horsepower Enzo-replacing supercar.

During this year's Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo revealed that Ferrari plans on showing the car off to potential buyers by the end of this year (though presumably before Christmas). The car maker reportedly hasn't decided how many examples of the new carbon fiber-bodied supercar they'll build, but considering the production numbers for the Enzo and F50, we're guessing Ferrari will say they're building between 400 and 500 cars.

How much will the new Ferrari cost? Well, uh, let's just say the only people its price won't startle is the Senate Appropriations Committee. "We want to surprise people not just in terms of price but also with the car itself,” Montezemolo told Automotive News, and we're not quite sure how to take that. We've never heard of somebody taking a look at a Ferrari's price tag and being surprised just how affordable it is, so maybe Montezemolo means surprising in the "I've never seen that many zeroes in one place" sense.

But for at least some of the wealthy bastards who might order their new Ferrari supercar straight from the factory, the car maker's late 2012 secret reveal may not be the first time they get a look at the car. According to Inside Line, some of the VIPs who attended the private F12berlinetta preview last month were also given a peek at some drawings of the Enzo replacement. They were then invited to place a deposit and beat the rush. No word if any of them said "No thanks, I want to do a little cross-shopping with the new McLaren first."

As for those of us who aren't part of Ferrari's highest echelon of repeat customers, we'll likely see the new supercar revealed either at next spring's Geneva Motor Show or next fall's Paris Motor Show. By which point they'll probably all be sold. [via Inside Line, Automotive News]

Pictured: Ferrari Enzo


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