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Lamborghini SUV Confirmed As Third Model, Beijing Debut Planned

Then what's their Geneva Show surprise?

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    Images via <i>Quattroruote</i>.
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    Images via <i>Quattroruote</i>.

The Lamborghini SUV is a go! That’s the word coming from currently-unnamed senior sources in the VW Group, who claim Lamborghini is very close to revealing a concept car that presages the production version of the LM002’s successor.

But contrary to our expectation that the new SUV would be Lamborghini’s big surprise planned for the Geneva Motor Show next month, Autoweek claims the sport-ute will drop at the Beijing show in April. (We’re guessing the decision has something to do with the exploding Chinese market for raging bulls.)

Engine details are still vague, but the SUV, reportedly code-named LB 736, will likely use a version of the Gallardo’s 5.2 liter V10 with an output of around 580 horsepower. There may also be a version that ties the V10 to an electric powertrain, pushing total maximum output to the 660-690 horsepower range. Since it’s still unconfirmed at this point, though, we’re going to hold out hope for at least one version with the Aventador’s 691 horsepower V12. Expect a price tag north of $200K, and around 1,500 units per year rolling off the factory floor.

The LB 736 is reportedly based on the next-generation of the VW Group’s luxury SUV platform, known as the MLB architecture, which will also be shared with the third-generation Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg, the second-generation Audi Q7, and Bentley’s upcoming sport-utility vehicle. Thanks to the platform’s drastic weight reduction in comparison to the prior sport-ute architecture, Lamborghini will supposedly be able to bring the LB 736 to market with a curb weight of less than 4,400 pounds.

Italian car magazine Quattroruote reportedly claims to have leaked pictures or renderings (our Italian isn’t good enough to know which) of the LB 736, which we’ve included above. They could well turn out to be fakes, but odds seem good that whatever the LB 736 looks like, it won’t be that different from what you see above.

But if the LB 736 is headed to Beijing, what does Lamborghini have planned for Geneva? Well, Autoweek mentions that Lamborghini is still thinking about adding a production version of the Estoque sedan as a fourth model in the range, so there could be a new version of a Lamborghini super-sedan coming to Switzerland. Still, we’re holding out hope for a new V12-powered front-engine gran turismo. [via Autoweek, Teamspeed]


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