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2013 Viper's Logo Gets A Name: Meet "Stryker"

Brought to you by the Saturday morning cartoons of the 1980s.

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Dodge SRT first showed off the snake logo that’ll adorn the hood of the fifth-generation Viper back in 2010, but now we’ve learned Chrysler has given the new logo its very own name: “Stryker.” Clearly, they never read many X-Men comics.

The new logo is the third in the Viper’s history, following the original emblem from 1992-2002 (which we now know was named “Sneaky Pete”) and the 2003-2010 logo (nicknamed “Fangs”). Stryker designer Vince Galante admitted he was inspired by his childhood love of “Thundercats” and other 1980s-era cartoons, which is something you certainly never heard from Enzo Ferrari.

We’re a hell of a lot more excited for the car the Stryker will sit on than the logo itself, but now that Galante mentioned it, we do get a certain Saturday-morning-cartoon vibe from the new hood ornament. Considering the Viper has always been kind of a fantasy-made-real, that seems oddly appropriate. [via Drive SRT]


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