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Lapo Elkann Shows Off His Pair Of Eclectic Ferraris (w/Video)

Denim California or camo 458 Italia...wait, why not both?

Fiat scion and potential Ferrari chairman of tomorrow Lapo Elkann loves his cars. He loves them so much, he never, ever wants to accidentally mistake someone else's car for his own after a long night of doing speedball shooters with middle-aged trannies.

Hence, he prefers to have them designed with...well, let's be kind and call them creative design schemes inside and out. Okay, the matte-blue-paint-over-denim-upholstery Ferrari California isn't that bad, but the camouflage 458 Italia...good God, that's just wrong. (Especially the interior.)

And for a guy who clearly likes to think outside the box, we're kind of surprised he slapped the same livery on his Jeep Grand Cherokee as he stuck on his Italia. At least his old Grand Cherokee had some class.

[via Wallpaper]


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