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BY: Bix

Lamborghini SUV Will Have Three Doors, Estoque Styling

And a whole bunch of carbon fiber.

Deep in your soul, there's always been a hole in the shape of a Lamborghini sport-utility vehicle. Right? Well, Lamborghini must be hoping they can find a few thousand wealthy people who match that description, because the company has reportedly confirmed that they're working hard on a Porsche Cayenne-based off-roader. (All-roader. Whatever.)

According to Auto Express, Lamborghini has admitted that reports from Audi executives regarding a Lambo 4x4 (which we reported on earlier this month) were on the mark. The new SUV is being built on the same platform underpinning present and future versions of the VW Group's large SUV family, but Lamborghini engineers have supposedly been given the green light to go crazy with carbon fiber to keep weight down—ideally, bringing the car's curb weight in under 4,400 pounds, as we heard before.

The report confirms that Lamborghini plans on inserting a heartier version of the Gallardo's 5.2 liter V10 under the new SUV's hood, and it may even come as a hybrid—something that would probably seem a lot more outrageous were we not talking about a Lamborghini utility vehicle that shares a platform with a VW.

One detail our earlier report missed, however, was that the Lamborghini SUV will supposedly only have two doors instead of the usual four. Auto Express says the sport-ute wears a front end that looks like "a high-rise version of the Estoque," so maybe that "leaked" image from Quattrorote posted above actually was a leaked image.

If the SUV strikes your fancy, you can plan on picking one up sometime in the 2015-2016 timeframe. Plenty of time to plan that epic casino heist to pay for yours. [via Auto Express]


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