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Ferrari Teases The 599's Replacement Two More Times (w/Video)

Only two more days until the official reveal.

There's only two days until Ferrari finally yanks the cover off Ferrari's 599 replacement, but Ferrari's not content to let it rest just yet. To keep the pressure on, they've released two new teaser videos since last week's promo announcing that the new V12 would be the most powerful car in Ferrari history.

Now, you may have seen a supposed leaked picture of the car circulating around the Internet, but since we've been keeping pretty close track of this car—you know, since we love it and all—we wanted to let you know two things about it. First of all, from what we've heard, that cell phone picture of a silver Ferrari blowing up the web is actually a wooden model from an official Ferrari presentation—the styling is largely identical to the actual car, but there's some disagreement regarding whether the rear haunches of the actual car look like the model's.

And secondly, in the last week or two, everyone somehow decided to start calling the 599 replacement the "F620 GT." That's not the car's name. Last we heard, Ferrari still hadn't decided on a name for it but F620 GT was being bandied about on the forums as a generic term for the car.

Ferrari has never used the "F[three-digit number]" on a new model (they've traditionally reserved it for intense mid-cycle updates, like the F430), and "GT" is just way too unoriginal a name for Ferrari's new GT. Expect a name like "Ferrari 630 Romagna" or "Ferrari 620 Ravenna" when the car debuts the day after tomorrow.

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