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BY: Bix

The Ferrari 250 GTO: Now Selling For $31.7 Million

Mom? Can we have an advance on our allowance?

Let's try an imagination exercise. Close your eyes. Now, imagine that you have $31.7 million dollars to spend on cars. Don't worry about garage space, don't worry about paying off your mortgage or student loans—just picture yourself as being so wealthy, you have $31.7 million solely to spend on cars.

Now go change your underwear.

Okay, now that you've got fresh underoos on, picture the array of cars you'd buy with just shy of $32 million. Park them side by side, staring out in unison. Porsches, Lamborghinis, Mercedes-Benzes. 458s, R8s, M5s, CTS-Vs. Muscle cars, roadsters, track cars, off-roaders. Modern cars, classic cars, antique cars. $31.7 million buys so much, but this is important—you've got to picture them all, lined up beside one another.

Then shake your head like an Etch-a-Sketch, make all them disappear, and imagine a Ferrari 250 GTO in place of all of them.

A fair trade? Well, if you've got, say, hundreds of millions of dollars to spend on cars, then yeah, blowing $31.7 million on one of the rarest Ferraris of all time doesn't seem quite as outlandish.

We're not sure who exactly bought the 250 GTO that recently changed hands for $31.7 million, but we know who sold it—British real estate agency mogul Jon Hunt, who's reportedly worth about $1.4 billion. (Fun fact: the median net worth of the average American is about $100,000. So for Jon Hunt, buying a $32 million Ferrari is like buying a $2,290 car for the average American.)

But hey, if you've got to pick a car to spend $31.7 million on, you could do a lot worse than the Ferrari 250 GTO. Only 39 were built, and they serve as the high water mark for Ferraris—the last front-engined cars from Maranello that literally could win top-tier racing series of the day then drive home afterwards. Odds are good we'll never see another car quite like it again. Suddenly, that one-car imaginary lineup doesn't seem so weird. [via Top Gear]


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