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Another Sneak Peek Of The 2013 SRT Viper

It's a...something.

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The first teaser Dodge—er, SRT, damn it, we keep doing that—released of the 2013 Viper gave us a hint as to what the car’s front end will look like. This new teaser, however, clues us in as to what the car’s scoop will look like. But, uh, we’re not entirely sure where said scoop sits on the car.

Anyone want to take a stab at it? The shape in the top left corner reminds us of a subtle rear spoiler for some reason, but that doesn’t really fit with the rest of car. It could be the new Viper’s exhaust pipe. It could be the 2013 Viper’s version of the Viper’s enormous heat vent between the door and the front wheel. Hell, it could just be an extreme close-up of the cupholder.

We’re guessing SRT will keep feeding us teasers as we move closer to the 2013 Viper’s debut at the New York Auto Show in April. Until they send us a new picture to puzzle over, though, we’ll be scratching our heads about this one. [via SRT on Facebook]


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