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BY: Bix

Total Rumor: Lamborghini Planning Surprise For Geneva Show

It’s just a rumor, but rumors are fun.

Normally, we don't report on rumors we find on Internet forums, but this we couldn't resist bringing this latest one to you. After all, how many rumors combine mystery, Lamborghinis and reliable-yet-anonymous sources? All we need is a hot chick and a suppressed pistol, and we're living in a spy movie here.

According to a couple of reliable sources from Teamspeed, Lamborghini is planning on bringing a surprise to the Geneva Motor Show in March. The sources claim the Gallardo replacement isn't ready to be revealed yet (which supports what we've heard about the car), and also likely rule out any above-Aventador hypercar. The mystery car isn't the Aventador Roadster, either, but more on that in a minute.

So what sort of mystery car should we expect at Geneva? Well, a concept car version of their long-rumored third model seems a strong possibility. Even though the production version is likely still a couple years off, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann knows it promised that the car maker would make a decision about their third model by early 2012, and promised that "when we decide, we will show something." That said, there's always a chance the surprise could be the "production" Sesto Elemento...or the Gallardo LP550-2 Balboni Bicolore Spyder Performante, or something.

As for that Aventador Roadster, the same sources say there's a chance the car could debut at the Geneva Show as well. The car, which supposedly has a retractable carbon fiber roof, is reported to be ready to go—we hear the press photos have already been snapped—but Lamborghini could want to hold it back a while longer so it doesn't distract from their surprise. Also, Aventador coupes are still selling like Bud Light at a Mets game, so it's not like they need to bring out the roadster right away.

We hope they bring it to Geneva. The Detroit Auto Show didn't do much for our new sports car fix, and we may go into withdrawal if we have to wait for the New York Auto Show and the 2013 Viper. [via Teamspeed]


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