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Top Gear Portfolio Captures The Essence Of Car Lust

Ten wallpaper-sized, art gallery-worthy images for your pleasure.

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  • DNI_TopGearPortfolio-koenigsegg-agera-497
  • TopGearPortfolio-koenigsegg agera
  • TopGearPortfolio-ferrari-ff
  • TopGearPortfolio-lamborghini sesto elemento
  • TopGearPortfolio-lotus 125
  • TopGearPortfolio-bmw-1M
  • TopGearPortfolio-porsche 911 gt3 rs 4.0
  • TopGearPortfolio-alfa romeo 4c
  • TopGearPortfolio-american-iron
  • TopGearPortfolio-mclaren-mp412c

Most people know Top Gear as a mean-spirited documentary series about how long it’ll take three idiots to die if given unlimited access to high-speed vehicles Earth’s greatest car show, but Top Gear also puts out an excellent magazine containing some of the best automotive photography…in the world.

In fact, they’ve just released a gorgeous, half-inch thick softcover tome that consists of the best photos they snapped last year. It’s called Top Gear Portfolio 2012, and it only comes with two problems: 1) it costs $19.99, and 2) the pictures have a big crease down the center.

Mitigating both problems is this selection of high-resolution wallpaper images from the Top Gear website, which are both free and blessedly seamless. That said, it is only 10 pictures, so you still have a good hundred more reasons inside the Portfolio to buy it. Yeah, it’s expensive, but how else can Clarkson afford the payments on his four-axle Rascal? [via Top Gear]


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