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This Video Won A Director A One-Year Porsche Lease (w/Video)

Plus two other tributes that almost won Porsches.

Consider it a grown-up version of the eternal Klondike Bar question: what would you do to win one year with a new Porsche? If your answer was, "I'd make a heartwarming video showing the magic of Porsche," then you and director Michael Koerbel think very much alike.

Koerbel won a recent Porsche contest entitled "My Daily Magic" that invited film directors to submit 90 second videos revolving around the theme of "everyday magic," the basic premise of Porsche's current advertising campaign. (Sadly, they rejected our suggestion of "Porsche. F**k Yeah.")

For his sweet tribute to the brand, Koerbel wins either $18,000 cash or a one-year lease of a new Porsche vehicle, just as long as that one year of lease payments adds up to $18,000 or less. Based on our fiddling around on Porsche's payment estimator, this pretty much excludes every 911, but Koerbel could probably slot into a nice stick shift Cayman R for that price. Now do you regret not taking film classes in college?

[via YouTube]


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