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BY: Bix

Saab May Have A Savior Waiting In India

Subcontinental car maker interested in Saab scraps.

Saab Automotive as we know it is dead, but the pieces of the car company are still laying around, waiting to be scooped up by anyone with a pile of cash and an interest in a famous automotive brand. Enter India's Mahindra & Mahindra, the largest SUV builder on the subcontinent.

According to Bloomberg News, M&M is trying to set up meetings with the administrators appointed by Swedish bankruptcy court to dismantle Saab. Reportedly, the Indian SUV maker is interested in picking up anything from pieces of the storied car maker to the whole company. Considering Saab is currently valued at about $11 million, we're guessing M&M could pick up Saab with the change stuck in the company's couches.

Being owned by a massive yet little-known Indian automaker has worked out well for Jaguar and Land Rover, so there's certainly reason to believe this could turn out well for Saab. However, Jaguar Land Rover has succeeded largely because Tata has given the company free reign to be itself instead of forcing it to sell upmarket versions of Indian cars. If M&M wants to use Saab as an avenue to sell rebodied sport-utes to the West, we'd rather see it left in peace. [via Bloomberg]


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