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Ferrari Now In The Music Playing Business

And not just the kind that comes from their tailpipes.

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The Detroit Auto Show is obviously the dominant topic in the automotive world today, but there’s some also news out of the electronics world’s equivalent of NAIAS, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas: Ferrari is climbing into the headphone business.

Well, they won’t be building them; they’re leaving that to the good folks at Logic3, who know consumer electronics much better than Maranello does. The Ferrari media players come in two different collections: the Scuderia Collection, which emphasizes Ferrari’s racing heritage, and the Cavallino Collection, which plays up the gran turismo side of the car maker’s nature.

There’s a wealth of products available—in-ear headphones, over-the-ear headphones, speaker sound docks for your phone—with prices ranging from $125 to $750. Not cheap, but hey, what’d you expect? They’ve got a Ferrari badge, and they’re good at what they do. [via The Verge, T3]


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