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The Only Time You'll See A Ferrari FXX Evoluzione On The Road (w/Video)

Unless one flies off the track.

The FXX Evoluzione is as hardcore, as badass, as impressive as a modern-day Ferrari comes, an 850 horsepower race car as overpoweringly raw and fast as one can buy without stepping up to an actual Formula One car. Sadly, like an F1 car, it's not allowed to drive on public roads. (At least, not unless you want to risk catching major grief from both the police and Ferrari.) But once somebody closes off the road...well, all bets are off.

This particular FXX Evoluzione—reportedly the first of the 30 FXXs Ferrari made—was captured on the streets of Red Bank, New Jersey during the 2011 Exotic Car Show. Sadly, the driver didn't make any donuts with the car, but it did stick around long enough for NJExoticSpotters to capture a very nich high-def look at this magnificant son of an Enzo.

[via YouTube]


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