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Scion FR-S Proves Adept At Drifting, Just As We Hoped (w/Video)

Nay—just as we expected.

While the verdict's still out on whether the lightweight, rear-wheel-drive Toyobaru will indeed prove the salvation of enthuasist-kind, there is one thing we can now say with certainty: this sucker will drift on cue.

For proof, we refer you to esteemed Japanese-born drifter Ken Gushi, who—with the help of a 2013 Scion FR-S—showed off the Toyobaru's ass-out prowess on a slippery day at Japanese Sodegura Forest Raceway with some help from a few GoPros. Be sure to note the shit-eating grin on his face at 0:15 in the first video.

Man, we cannot wait to lay our hands on this baby. [via YouTube]


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