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Ken Block, Like Michael McDonald, Is Takin' It To The Streets (w/Video)

Opening a can of hoonage on Los Angeles.

Ken Block's current office car—the H.F.H.V, or "Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle," if you prefer the technical term—wears plenty of different hats, as the name implies. Swap out a few parts, and it can go from a Gymkhana-tuned car to a rallycross car or a stage rally car. But it's also street-legal, which means Block can take it down to Trader Joe's for a pint of milk if he really wants to. It'll probably have been churned into butter by the time he gets home, but still, the option is there.

So while in Hollywood filming Gymkhana Four, our old pals at the Monster World Rally Team captured Block cruising the highways, byways, movie studios and Cars & Coffee parking lots in his H.F.H.V Fiesta. Also, since he is sponsored by Ford, he gets to tout try out his car's new SYNC system, which reads him his text messages, gives him directions, and helps him find 0-60 founder Brian Scotto.

[via YouTube]


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