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Ferrari's Last 599 Celebrates Racing Successes

Along with their desire for endless variants.

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Ferrari’s 599 GTB Fiorano was a magnificent bastard of a car when it first appeared in 2006, and it’s only grown more impressive with age as the car maker added new variants to the lineup: the sharper-edged HGTE Handling Package, the track-only 599 XX, the earth-shattering 599 GTO, and the hyper-exclusive SA Aperta roadster. The car’s replacement is expected to debut at the Geneva Motor Show next spring, which gives Ferrari time for one more special edition before the assembly line is reprogrammed.

Unfortunately for those of us who were hoping the model might go out on an outrageous note, that final edition is the 599 GTB 60F1, an HGTE-equipped regular 599 outfitted with your choice of gaudy race-inspired livery. Buyers can choose from three paint schemes, one inspired by the 375 F1 race car Froilan Gonzalez shepherded to the Prancing Horse’s first racing victory in 1951, and two inspired by the 150° Italia Fernando Alonso drove this year to a win at Silverstone. (Ferrari only provided images of two of the liveries.)

Every 599 60F1 scores larger-than-normal Scuderia Ferrari badges on the front flanks outside, along with a satin finish aluminum gas cap and 20″ diamond finished rims. Inside, U.S.-bound versions are outfitted with Alcantara-and-superfabric Recaro seats (Euro versions get Sabelt chairs), with red-and-blue four-point harnesses, a matte finished instrument panel, and—most importantly—a plaque with Alonso and Gonzalez’s signatures.

Look, in a day and age when you can determine the age of a Porsche 911 by counting the number of models and dividing by four, we can understand why Ferrari feels compelled to release a new 599 variant. We just wish the 599’s last version would have been something more special than an ugly paint package. In fact, after watching evo‘s Harry Metcalfe go with a friend to pick up an SA Aperta, we think we oughta just consider that the 599’s swan song.

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