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BMW's M Division Has An X6-Based Secret (w/Video)

Either that, or someone spread Vaseline on the lens.

This new video of BMW's seems to imply one of two things: either Bimmer's M division is hard at work on a new project, or the car maker has finally bowed to public complaints about the X6's looks and agreed to blur out its features from now on. We're thinking it's the first option, but we like to consider all the possibilities.

Given the name of the video ("A new chapter powered by M") and the censored-but-clearly-longer-than-usual nomenclature on the back of the X6, it seems likely this little trailer is meant to tease a new engine under the hood of BMW's four-door "sports activity coupe." Considering the recent chatter that M is exploring oil-burning powertrains, the safe bet says we may be catching our first look at the first diesel-powered M vehicle. Good timing, too. We haven't been overwhelmed by a surge of torque in, well, weeks.

[via YouTube]


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