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Another Reason We Love Mercedes-Benz

They support the arts. By which we mean ridiculous races.

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We dig Mercedes-Benz. Not just because they’re making some really dynamite cars these days, but because their PR team is cool enough to loan the organizers of the 24 Hours of LeMons race a C63 AMG Coupe for use as an official pace car.

See, now, this is smart public relations. By letting the LeMons organizers borrow the C63 and run a few tire-smoking laps in it, they’re not only earning a lot of respect from the gearhead community, they’re also getting the car seen and mentioned in any publication that writes about the world’s foremost endurance race of beaters. And all it costs them is a new pair of tires. Bravo, Mercedes-Benz. Bravo. [via 24 Hours of Lemons on Facebook]

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