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2013 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class Continues Its PR Grand Tour (w/Video)

Step three: shoot some appealing video footage.

$100,000 convertibles don't sell themselves. Considering the amount of time Mercedes-Benz has spent unloading six-figure roadsters on the upper echelons of society, they ought to know that better than anyone. Oh, and whaddya know? They do know it.

First came the official (and possibly unofficial) leaks about the car—small details, like its lighter body and magic windshield wipers that have washer fluid nozzles built in. Then came the official press release and images. Now, we've reached stage three: video content. This is the stage where directors try to emulate Christopher Nolan by adding a booming score, lots of panning wide shots of landscapes and more quick cuts than you can shake a stick at to liven up the usual B-roll footage every car maker pays big money for. Well, it got us watching, so we guess it worked.

[via YouTube]


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