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SPEED's "Battle Cross" Channels Early Ken Block Gymkhana (w/Video)

So if you're looking for special effects and an '80s pop soundtrack, look elsewhere.

Remember those early gymkhana videos Ken Block made? Before the epic sets, multimillion dollar shoots and cinema-quality video—back when it was just a man, a rally car, and an empty industrial site filled with obstacles to drift around? Well, if you miss those simple days, you're probably going to like the Speed Channel's new gymkhana-like TV series, the ferociously named "Battle Cross."

Each episode of the show, which was created by Rob "Fast & Furious Creator" Cohen and will be hosted by rally driver Andrew "Captain" Comrie-Picard and Stacy "I'm Fucking George Clooney" Keibler, will feature rally drivers competing against each other in two events: a timed rally around the Battle Cross course, and a two minute freestyle drifting session.

The show has released a teaser for the first episode, which pits Subaru Rally Team USA's David Higgins and Dave Mirra against one another in a steel mill. We give it a solid "Not Bad"...though we hope the actual show's video quality is better than this clip.

[via YouTube]


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