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Three Lucky Brits Drive The Lexus LFA At Silverstone (w/Video)

Let the jealous remarks begin.

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Folks, in case you’re ever wondering how to jack up your social media statistics, here’s a good hint: offer people something really, really awesome if they friend you, like you, follow you, or execute whatever verb may apply to supporting you on your social media platform of choice. Lexus UK gets it: they gave three of their Facebook fans a day behind the wheel of the Lexus LFA at the Silverstone Grand Prix race track.

Since setting three strangers loose on one of Europe’s most famous tracks (on a typically gray British day, from the looks of things) sounds like a recipe for a very expensive insurance claim, the lucky winners also received real-time instruction from professional racing driver Charlie Hollings, who almost managed to help the contestants keep the car on the track the entire time. Ah, who’re we kidding—we’re just being pissy because we’re jealous.

[via YouTube, Carscoop]


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