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Rubber Flies When Ken Block Meets The Stig (w/Video)

Bonus: can you spot the 0-60 alumni in this video?

Not too long ago, Ken Block made a pilgrimage to the Mecca of hoonage: Australia. While he was down there, he spent a little time with the crew from Australia's version of Top Gear. And since this is Ken "Master of YouTube" Block we're talking about, you had to figure a video would follow.

His attempts to intimidate the Aussie Stig seem to have failed, judging by the clip (not surprising, as the Australian Stig is presumably the most unflappable of all the Stigs due to his native land's high quantity of powerful RWD cars and venomous wildlife), but his best attempt did manage to land him on the cover of Top Gear Australia's November issue. Check out the video below—and watch closely, because if you pay attention, you just might catch a glimpse of some of 0-60's former staffers in the clip.

[via YouTube]

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