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BY: Bix

You’ll Be Able To Buy The Sebastian Vettel Infiniti FX50 (w/Video)

Question is, will it be crazy enough?

For luxury car companies, the big money and buzz these days is all about the high-performance special editions that combine supercar power figures with royal levels of comfort. Mercedes-Benz has pretty much mastered the game by offering AMG versions of nearly every model in the lineup, but the rest of the competition has their own versions: BMW's M-models, Audi's S and RS cars, Lexus's F-line, and Cadillac's V-Series. Everyone's in...except Infiniti.

But oh, does Infiniti want a chunk of that pie. They've talked about how they could use Red Bull Racing as their own equivalent of AMG, but now it seems they're actually sticking their toe into the pool—with a production version of the Sebastian Vettel FX50 concept seen at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The concept Vettel FX50 will be used to gauge the market for further AMG-rivalling Infinitis. "It's about being able to do our equivalent of AMG or M-series and we wanted to test the organization and can the organization cope we've these type of special versions. This is one of the first versions that will go to market," Nissan executive vice-president Andy Palmer said.

We're hoping the production model will do slightly better than the concept's 9 percent power bump, especially if it wants to compete with gonzo types like the Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG and the BMW X6 M. And if Infiniti's looking for suggestions for follow-up models, we suggest plugging that V8 into a G coupe...followed by that version of the GT-R they've mentioned.

[via YouTube]


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