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BY: Bix

Toyota FT-86 Knocks Nürburgring Race Off Its Bucket List

It’s not about winning, it’s about conquering your fears.

The Toyobaru's eon-long journey from idea to production car is finally almost complete, but before it reaches showrooms, Toyota and partner Gazoo Racing apparently decided they wanted to take the car's on-track development one step further. Anyone can test their prototype out on the Nürburgring Nordschlife (and pretty much everyone does); it takes real 睾丸, as the Japanese might say, to stick your prototype into an endurance race on the Green Hell.

If you're expecting to hear some sort of Rookie Of The Year story where the underaged challenger, against all odds, becomes a champion, we're afraid we're gonna have to let you down. The FT-86 Toyota and Gazoo entered in the DMV 250-Meilen-Rennen finished 120th, six laps behind the victor (an SLS AMG, in case you were curious) with a fastest lap of 10:26.384. (You can check out the FT-86's official results here.)

That said, expect the FT-86's official N-ring time to be significantly faster than that; pretty much every car in the race pulled a "fastest lap" well behind their official N-ring times. (The winning SLS, for example, featured a best lap of 8:10.968, which was also the fastest lap turned by anyone in the race; however, Sport Auto drove one around the 'Ring in 7:40.) So don't look at the FT-86's performance as unimpressive. Instead, be impressed that Toyota's handbuilt prototype was able to race for 250 miles without breaking down...or losing any camouflage. [via Carscoop]


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