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BY: Bix

Ferrari Enzo Successor: Mid-Mounted V12, Carbon Fiber Chassis Confirmed

And there may even be some hybrid bits in there, too.

Hard as it may be to believe, it's been nine years since Ferrari pulled the wraps off the 650 horsepower Enzo Ferrari supercar—which means it's been about eight years since the first rumors started flying about the Enzo's successor. Up until now, mostly-unfounded rumors have been pretty much all we have to go on regarding the new super-Ferrari, but now Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa has gone on record with a few basic details about the company's next supercar.

For starters, Felisa slammed the lid closed on the debate over how many cylinders the engine will have. Let the talk of a twin-turbo V8 cease; the Enzo successor will use a V12, mounted amidships. It'll also use a carbon fiber chassis to keep weight down, though this'll likely have the opposite effect on price. (What, you thought this thing would be cheap?)

In not-quite-surprising news, Felisa also said the next supercar could use KERS-inspired hybrid technology. He admitted his company is testing hybrid prototypes already, and said that in spite of the technology's roots in Formula One racing, a hybrid system "must focus on improving efficiency and not just be about performance." Hey, as long as it looks like a spaceship and performs like a fighter jet. [via Inside Line]

Pictured: Jim Glickenhaus's Enzo-based Ferrari P4/5, which Ferrari could do a lot worse than to copy.


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