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BY: Bix

BMW’s M Gang Wants To Build Their Own Car

“Anything AMG can do, we can do better” seems to be the idea.

Well, surprise, surprise: after seeing the success their rivals at Mercedes-Benz's AMG division have had with their homemade SLS sports car, the crew at BMW's M wants to make a car of their very own.

The word comes from M's head of product development, Albert Biermann, known in these parts for crushing the hopes and dreams of those who crave an AWD BMW M5 station wagon. “We’ve discussed it several times but we’ve never been able to make the business case," he said of his division building its very own automobile. "Everything we do has to make money. [But] from an engineering perspective, we have the skills and we’d love to do it.”

What kind of vehicle that might be, he didn't say. Hell, the fuel source isn't even set in stone—for any M cars. “Our job is to sell emotion and fun using the technology that’s socially acceptable at the time. Whether that’s a combustion engine or an electric motor, we don’t care,” he said. And yes, there might even be a diesel in the cards—but not just yet. We’d never say never if the technology becomes available," Biermann said, "but right now we don’t have the diesel technology to match the responsiveness of the new M5.” [via Autocar]


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