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BY: Bix

Bentley’s Continental Plans May Include One Called “GT2”

Porsche starting to feel like Bentley’s pulling the repeater.

Remember Bentley CEO Wolfgang Durheimer's statement that he could see the Continental family following in the steps of the Porsche 911 and offering a whoooole bunch of model variants? Turns out that 911 comparison was surprisingly literal. According to Auto Express, the Conti plans include a model tentatively called the GT2—and if you're wondering what'll make it unique, just cast your eyes over to the GT2 from Zuffenhausen.

According to Durheimer, the new Continental GT2 will shed at least 440 pounds compared to the regular Continental GT, which would bring the mass down to a still-substantial 4,675 pounds. A chunk of that loss comes from the junking of the transverse shaft connecting the front wheels to the engine, according to another Bentley insider who testified that the GT2 would be exclusively rear-wheel-drive.

Power should receive a hefty bump as well, up to around 650 horses—which would be 29 more than the outgoing Continental Supersport, a model Durheimer said Bentley wanted to improve upon. The CEO wouldn't say whether the Conti GT2 would use the tried-and-true turbocharged W12 or the VW Group's new 4.0 liter turbo V8, but since the V8 seems to be the way of the future (and may come with a dual-clutch gearbox), it seems like the likely bet. Expect to see the Continental GT2 doing burnouts up and down the Sunset Strip as soon as next year. [via Auto Express]

Pictured: 2011 Bentley Continental Supersport


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