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BY: Bix

Toyota Secretly Working On A New Supra?

New RWD sports car may be on the horizon.

It's a quick little story, but one we figured you'd like to hear: deep within the bowels of Toyota's enormous organization, someone may be working on a new replacement for the defunct Supra.

Toyota's official story is that no such car exists, but according to CAR, an unofficial top-secret development program is under way to build a replacement for the much-loved, oft-tuned rear-wheel-drive sports car. The car could reach market as soon as 2014, possibly with a small-displacement turbocharged engine.

With the FT-86/FR-S project reintroducing the world to the idea of sporty, RWD Toyotas, a new Supra would seem a good next step for the car maker's desire to recapture some of the fun of driving. Plus, that would explain why the FR-S is being given a naturally-aspirated four-cylinder—they're saving room for something more potent. [via CAR]

Pictured: 1994 Toyota Supra

  • Toyota San Bernardino says:
    April 25, 2012 at 5:53 am

    The Supra has always been one of Toyota's most coveted sports cars. I think a lot of enthusiasts on the racing scene will be very excited if there really is a new Supra in the works.

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