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BY: Bix

991-Model Porsche 911 GT3 Won’t Use PDK

Rejoice, manual transmission fans.

Lamborghini may have abandoned the traditional manual gearbox and Ferrari may not be far behind, but there's at least one famous top-tier sports car manufacturer who doesn't plan on allowing flappy paddles to completely box out the stick shift. We'll give you a hint: they're the one for whom there is no substitute.

In an interview with Motor Trend, Porsche CEO Matthias Muller informed the magazine that his company will keep on building stick-shift 911s as long as customers keep on buying them—which we're guessing will keep manuals in 911s until somewhere around the heat death of the universe several hundred billion years from now.

Muller also informed the magazine that the 991-edition GT3 would not offer a PDK, something many Porschephiles had been speculating with varying degrees of delight and dismay. We say Porsche's decision is for the best; if you can't drive a manual transmission, you really don't deserve Porsche's supreme RWD n/a road machine. Learn ta use a clutch, you damn kids. [via Motor Trend]

Pictured: 991-model Porsche 911 GT3 RS artist's conception by Carrara Design for Teamspeed.


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