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BY: Bix

Mini Wants To Stick You

That is, they want to sell you a stick-shift car.

If you've been thinking about picking up a Mini, there's no better time than right now—because Mini USA is offering $500 off the price of any manual transmission-equipped Cooper, Clubman or Convertible. And if you're thinking about buying an automatic-equipped Mini, well, you're an ass.

Mini, you see, has one of the highest take rates for manual transmissions among brands in America—34 percent of Clubman, Convertible and Cooper buyers check the three pedal option. (That number is down in the single digits for American cars as a whole; as of 2007, only 7.7. percent of cars sold here had sticks.) But since manuals go hand in hand with Mini's gleeful motoring philosophy, they're looking to draw a little more attention to their stick shift figures...and presumably get some coverage from the automotive media along the way. So...guess we kinda played straight into their hands with that one. [via Mini]


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