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BY: Bix

Bristol Is Back, And Going Electric

Range-extended 200mph supercar could arrive in two years.

If you recall, the last time we discussed Bristol Cars, they'd just gone "into administration," which is the oh-so-British way of saying, "They're bankrupt." Well, the miniscule car days are no longer numbered—they were bought out by the Kamkorp Group, which sounds like the corporate front for an alliance of wealthy Soviet and Nazi generals plotting a takeover of America, but is actually a British-Swiss holding company.

Kamkorp also happens to own Frazer-Nash Research, a British company that specializes in the development of range-extended electric powertrains, and it seems Kamkorp owner Kamal Siddiqi bought Bristol with the specific goal of using them as a way to get Frazier-Nash's work into the marketplace. According to evo, he's tasked the Bristol team with a tough mission: build a 200 mile-per-hour range-extended AWD electric supercar that gets the equivalent of 100 miles per gallon and seats four people comfortably.

Now, in case you've forgotten, Bristol is best known for building cars like the Fighter, a RWD sports car available with a 1,012 horsepower turbocharged Dodge Viper V10, so transitioning over to electric cars might be a bit of a leap for them. So rather than build a new car from scratch, Siddiqi is reportedly in talks with an undisclosed automaker about using a preexisting car as the basis for the new supercar. As for the powertrain bits, twin electric motors will motivate both axles, connected to a 14 kW/h battery and a Wankel engine-powered generator. The idea itself isn't unrealistic, so now we'll just have to see whether Bristol can pull it off...and what car they'll use as the basis for their range-extended creation. [via evo]

Pictured: Bristol Fighter


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