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BY: Bix

Bugatti Doesn’t Plan On Losing World’s Fastest Car Title

Being the fastest is part of the brand, CEO says.

Bugatti's VW-funded 21st Century comeback has depended almost entirely on the success of the 1,000+ horsepower Veyron, and the success of the Veyron has been largely because it can rightfully claim to be the fastest production car in the world. With so much of the automaker's fortunes pegged to building the world's fastest car, we can't say we're shocked to hear that Bugatti doesn't planning on letting the title slip through their fingers.

Bugatti (and Bentley) CEO Wolfgang Durheimer opened up to CAR Magazine about Bugatti's need to stand on their high-speed reputation. "It is vital that Bugatti produces the world's fastest car," he said, even if that means going back and revamping models to pull more speed out of them—the way they turned the regular Veyron into the Super Sport after SSC took the world's fastest car record.

If another manufacturer breaks the Super Sport's 267 mph record anytime soon, however, it might be a couple years before Bugatti is able to assemble a response. According to Durheimer, the Veyron doesn't have all that much left to give at the top end. "We would need to improve the aero, not the weight, for more speed," he told CAR. Further down the line, he said he'd like to see Bugatti build a Veyron successor, but for the moment, he's expending his energy trying to convince the VW brass that they should go ahead with the sixteen-cylinder Galibier sedan. Whatever it takes to keep the top speed war ramping up. [via CAR]


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