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BY: Bix

Lapo Elkann Has A New Denim-Upholstered Ferrari


Lapo Elkann is many things—Fiat heir, potential future head of Ferrari, well-dressed playboy, friend to hard-partying transsexuals—but to most car guys, he'll always be first and foremost "that guy with the denim-upholstered Ferrari 599." (That, or "that guy who OD'ed on cocaine while partying with transsexuals.")

Well, it looks like Elkann wants to feel the wind rushing through his hair while relaxing in a denim throne, because he's moved on to a brand-new Ferrari California...with blue jean-themed interior. Ferrari pulled the wraps off his new car at an event celebrating their new in-house customization program, which—much like the programs at Porsche, Bentley, and a host of other luxury car brands—will make it easier for owners to design their new Ferraris with whatever wild color scheme/interior material they'd like for their prancing horse.

While we can't endorse the use of denim as an automotive fabric (sorry, Lapo, the world's still not ready for it), we definitely dig that dark matte blue paint his Cali wears...and we definitely like where Ferrari is taking their customization department, if the pictures of examples are anything to go off. This is gonna make that eventual Ferrari purchase that much harder. Hmm...which would make for a better color scheme, the 2005-2006 practice uniforms of the New York Mets, or Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night over the Rhone"?

[via Teamspeed]


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