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BY: Bix

Watch An Aston Martin One-77 Being Born

Don’t worry, it’s much less gross than what you saw in health class.

Sure, there are more rational ways to spend $1.7 million than on an Aston Martin One-77. There are even ways to spend that kind of money on a single car, and still have the purchase be more rational than an Aston Martin One-77. (We consider the pursuit of 250 miles per hour "rational.") But none of those choices will bring you the same level of emotional satisfaction as buying the world's most breathtaking supercar.

We've already had a chance to see what it's like to have your personal One-77 revealed to you, but what about all the hard work that goes into creating Aston Martin's masterpiece? Well, photographer Nick Dimbleby took a tour of the factory, and luckily for all of us, he flipped his DSLR to video mode while wandering around.

[via Vimeo]


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