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BY: Bix

Mazda Aiming For A 1,760 Lb. Miata

Hey, be ambitious.

Last year, we heard a little rumor that Mazda thought the Miata was getting a little porky. Porky enough to, say warrant a weight loss program for the next-generation model designed to bring the car down to 2,200 pounds or so. Well, according to Inside Line, that first report was right in spirit, but was a little off on the actual target weight. A "little" being, in this case, 440 pounds.

Yes, Mazda has reportedly told its engineers to try and bring the next Miata's weight down to 1,760 pounds—a 720 pound reduction compared to the current car. It's an intentionally optimistic goal, and the company appears to be aware that they're unlikely to meet it—but they wanted to push the development team to see just how low they could get the car's weight.

Realistically, the next Miata will likely reach the original 1989 model's curb weight—which, as it works out, would be a hair under 2,200 pounds. How will they shave off the extra mass? Supposedly, the Mazda engineers are exploring everything—shrinking the car, using a smaller turbocharged engine, even ditching the driver's manual for an electronic one on USB. Which sounds great, until you wonder what you're supposed to do when your car craps out and you forgot to bring your laptop. [via Inside Line]

Pictured: 1989 Mazda Miata. Pay no attention to the name on the license plate.

  • S. Morse says:
    June 13, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    GO LIGHT OR GO HOME!!!! Now that's a message I approve of.

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