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BY: Bix

Lotus Is Looking For A Sugar Daddy

CEO thinks alliance with wealthy car company is only way to survive.

Attention, major shareholders in the world's global automakers: are you looking to pick up a small sports car company with big dreams? Willing to sink a few hundred million dollars into development of several new exotics? Then Lotus CEO Dany Bahar would like to speak with you.

Bahar says his company is too small to build vehicles capable of meeting modern-day emissions and safety regulations, so the only way to pursue the brand's vision of selling 6,000-8,000 cars per year by the middle of this decade is to shack up with a larger automaker. He mentioned Toyota specifically, and Japan's largest automaker would seem a logical choice; Toyota has no exclusive sports car brand, and Lotus already buys their engines from the Japanese company, so the ties already exist—they just need to be strengthened.

The company certainly isn't lacking in ideas to execute, once they get the support they need; for example, Lotus has already developed an aluminum tub that weighs in at around 300 pounds for use in their future cars. All they need is somebody to pay the bills. Anyone looking for a trophy brand? [via Inside Line]

Pictured: Lotus Elite Concept

  • logan says:
    June 1, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    What I wouldn't give to give away $100 million dollars for this.

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