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BY: Bix

L.A. Plans To Fight Traffic Jams With Celebrities

Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga take on the 405.

In a plan that could have been adapted from the plot of Mothra Vs. Godzilla, Los Angeles has decided to pit two of their well-known monsters against each other and hope for the best.

10 miles of the Interstate 405 will be closed from Friday, July 15th until Monday, July 18th, due to the planned demolition of the Mullholland Bridge. On an average day, 281,000 cars pass along the stretch of highway in question, which, considering carpool rates in L.A., means as many as 225,000 people per day could be forced onto other routes. L.A. County is warning drivers to plan ahead and avoid the area, or better yet, "stay home July 16-17."

But to make sure the already-terrifying traffic doesn't turn into what LA Weekly affectionately called "carmageddon," the L.A.P.D. is reaching out to another of the area's notorious inhabitants: celebrities. Specifically, those whose Twitter accounts have enormous numbers of followers.

So far, they've reached out to Lady Gaga (11.2 million followers), Kim Kardashian (8.1 million followers), Ashton Kutcher (7 million followers) and Demi Moore (3.7 million followers), asking them to tweet warnings about the closed highway. So far, none of the famous folks have send out Twitter warnings, but the L.A.P.D. is still hoping they'll lend a hand. Then afterwards, we can send them all back to Monster Island, where they belong. [via NPR]

Pictured: The 405 on a good day.


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