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BY: Bix

Maserati Set To Gain Two New Sedans By 2013

New Quattroporte, little sibling should offer FF’s AWD.

Are you ready for some new Italian sports sedans? Maserati hopes so—especially if you live in China. The car maker is reportedly planning on thoroughly revamping and refreshing its four-door lineup in order to appeal to the wealthy business executives of the world's most populous country.

A new Quattroporte will be the pinnacle of Maserati's new four-door line, but as we've reported before, the company is also planning on adding a smaller sedan of approximately BMW 5 Series/Mercedes-Benz E-Class side to the mix. (This sedan is especially needed in China, where apparently it's improper for different levels of management to drive the same car, even if all the parties involved can afford it.)

The big news here is how the two sedans will get around: supposedly, the Quattroportes will have a few new engines to putter them around, including a 400 horsepower turbocharged version of Chrysler's Pentastar engine and a 300+ horsepower diesel. That said, given the Quattroporte's history, we'd be extremely surprised if there wasn't a rip-snortin' V8 at the top of the options list, too.

The new sedans should also offer their own version of the Ferrari Four's novel all-wheel-drive system that connects the front axle to a separate transmission, which in turn is hooked up to the front of the engine. An eight-speed automatic transmission and a Ferrari-inspired aluminum chassis should insure the new Maseratis have plenty of hustle, too. The new Quattroporte will likely arrive in 2012, with the smaller version the following year. [via Car and Driver]

Pictured: current Maserati Quattroporte


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