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BY: Bix

Formula One Is Getting A New Engine Supplier

PURE will start dropping their motors into F1 cars in 2013.

A quick flash from the world of Formula One: a new company will be supplying engines to any interested teams starting in 2013. And by a new company, we don't just mean new to the sport—we mean an entirely new entity.

The new engine maker goes by the name of PURE (which stands for "Propulsion Universelle et Recuperation d'Energie"), and will include amongst its numbers such old racing hands as ex-British American Racing team principal Craig Pollock and Christian Contzen, former managing director of Renault's F1 team. That the company's first engines will make their way onto the track in two years isn't by happenstance; they're timing their arrival to coincide with the implementation of the new regulations requiring all F1 cars to run 1.6 liter turbocharged four-cylinder motors starting that year.

According to Pollock, his new company's small size should allow them to work more efficiently, thus producing engines at a lower cost than Renault, Ferrari, Mercedes and Cosworth. We're still a little ambivalent about F1's decision to move to turbo fours, but maybe a little additional competition in the engine-making arena will make things more interesting. [via Autosport]

Pictured: the Ferrari 056 V8 that powers Ferrari's 2011 150° Italia.


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