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BY: Bix

Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace If You Want A BMW 1M

1 Series M will only be in production one year.

As if you didn't have enough reasons to pick up BMW's least-expensive M car as soon as possible, here's a new one: BMW says the 1 Series M will only be in production for a single model year. Better move your ass to the bank pronto, pal.

U.S. M brand manager Matt Russell told The Detroit Bureau that the 1M would be limited to a single year of production for a myriad of reasons, none of which he was too forthcoming about. (We asked a BMW spokesperson for further details; we'll update you when we hear back from them.) The 1 Series is due for a moderate-to-heavy update, so they may be keeping the 1M short and sweet in order to keep from drawing attention away from the changes made to the regular 1 Series models. Or it could just be because they want to create an even bigger mystique around the car.

If you miss your chance to buy one this year (hey, we understand—who would have thought making a bet that Charlie Sheen wouldn't walk away from Two And A Half Men could have gone wrong?), BMW may just renew the 1 Series M at a later date. Unless, of course, the car turns out to be a sales flop...which this one-year production plan pretty much guarantees won't happen. Whoa. That's smart. [via The Detroit Bureau]


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