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BY: Bix

Bugatti Galibier Sedan Will Offer A Hybrid Option

It’ll be just like a Prius…with a 16 cylinder motor.

So, remember not long ago when we said that Bugatti's Galibier sedan had the green light for production, but wouldn't be green in any other way? Well, turns out we jumped the gun on that one.

According to Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer, the Galibier will be available with a hybrid powertrain when it goes on sale, giving the $1.5 million+ sedan the ability to drive in cities that are cracking down on high-polluting vehicles. "I can't imagine a Galibier owner leaving their car at the park-and-ride and catching a bus. That's why we need to offer a hybrid with this car," Durheimer told CAR Magazine. However, if you live in a land with more libertarian views on vehicular propulsion, you won't have a hybrid foisted upon you; Durheimer says he knows not all markets want a hybrid Bugatti, so the Galibier will also be available without the electric drive components as well.

The CEO dropped a few other hints about his company's upcoming super sports sedan: the car maker is seeking to build around 3,000 examples over the model's lifetime; the dual-clutch transmission from the Veyron will be used, along with the W16 motor; and there will be porcelain trim in the interior, so it's probably not the best car to be picked up after a night of partying has left you sloppy drunk.

Durheimer also let slip that the Galibier wouldn't be the only car in the Bugatti lineup once the Veyron's production run ends; the car maker will create another sports car using the W16 engine in the not-too-distant future. "We can have one car biased more towards racing, and one for the road," he said. [via CAR]

Pictured: Bugatti Galibier Concept and Bugatti Veyron

  • S. Morse says:
    April 19, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    One way to make a little bit of the development money back on hybrid technology = Sell very expensive hybrids. And that's how ya get the Porsche 918 and Bugatti Galibier Hybrid. Plus, people in twenty years' time will get to say "Hey, my Jetta Hybrid has the same system Porsche used in an $800,000 super car back in the day! Neat, huh?" In other news, I hate the 918 but really want a Galibier.

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