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BY: Bix

VW Plans On Sticking Porsche Engines In Alfas

There’s only one slight problem…

As part of their plan to become the world's largest car maker, land a man on the moon and write the Great American Novel by the year 2018 (all right, we may have made two of those three up), Volkswagen has formulated a plan to add Alfa Romeo into their eight-name strong family of car brands, a plan which involves Porsche providing engines and direct aid to the Italian car maker. Only problem is—Alfa Romeo isn't up for sale.

The Italian car company's current owner, the Fiat Group, has made it explicitly clear that Alfa is not up for sale, so VW should just stop trying to buy it. Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne has said as long as he's in charge, he won't sell Alfa to Volkswagen; however, that hasn't stopped VW chairman Ferdinand Piech from boasting how his company could quadruple Alfa sales in five years. When reminded of Marchionne's assertion, Piech waved it off, saying, "Volkswagen has time."

Quite frankly, watching VW doggedly pursue a brand that's not for sale is rather amusing—though it's beginning to inch towards that line dividing dogged affection and stalking. Can you take out a restraining order against a company? "Herr Piech and all other Volkswagen A.G. executives must maintain a 500 yard distance from all Alfa Romeo products..." [via Autocar]

Pictured: Alfa Romeo 4C Concept, which, to be honest, we wouldn't mind seeing with a Porsche engine under the hood.


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