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BY: Bix

Three RWD Holdens May Be U.S. Bound In 2013

Sedan, wagon and ute could all end up on our shores.

Like many car enthusiasts in the world, we had a rough day when we realized the Pontiac G8 was officially kaput; to this day, when we think of that sweet rear-wheel-drive V8-powered sedan, we feel a little sad. (The fact that the car's death announcement is still on the Pontiac web site doesn't really help.)

But it seems the General isn't going to let the demise of Pontiac keep them from rebuilding Holden Commodores for the U.S market—and not just in cop-cruiser form. We've been hearing for some time that GM has been debating whether or not to bring the Zeta-platform Commodore sedan stateside, but according to GM Inside News, General Motors execs have finally decided to go for it. They've even given the project an official code name: Z2SC, also known as the "SS Sedan."

Reportedly, GM is waiting for the next-generation Commodore to bring the car to the U.S., where it'll likely sell as a Chevrolet starting in 2013. Even more excitingly, they're also considering bringing station wagon and ute variants here. (We're really hoping they do, because nothing hoons like a ute. In fact, that should be the car's ad slogan.)

Now, GM has considered bringing rebodied Commodore utes here before—they showed off a G8 version at the 2008 New York Auto Show and promised it would be in showrooms by 2010—but it never worked out. We're hoping they have more success this time around. Come on, you can't tell us there aren't a million car-loving Southerners who wouldn't love the hell out of a new Chevy El Camino. [via GM Inside News]

Pictured: 2010 HSV Maloo GXP. How could we not want this car?

  • Alex says:
    April 2, 2011 at 8:45 am

    exactly how could you not want Aussie v8 utes?! why not also go for the Ford falcons UTES as well! they are epic!

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