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BY: Bix

Massa: “I Have Special Underwear…I Don’t Wash”

Ferrari F1 driver reveals the secret of his success.

Felipe Massa has a job we can all be envious of—driving Formula One race cars for Ferrari. As it turns out, though, the secret to his success isn't natural skill or the fact that he's been racing since he climbed into a kart at age eight—it's his lucky underwear.

"I have special underwear which I race in most of the time," he told CNN in an interview. "[I wear them] just for the Saturday and Sunday I don't wash but, two days, what's the problem?"

Mind you, those aren't the Brazilian driver's only lucky motions; he also makes sure his right foot is the first thing to touch the ground when he wakes up, and makes sure the same foot is the first one into his race car. Massa admits the superstitions are all in his head, but that doesn't make them any less valid. "You win because you are doing the best job, but inside your brain it is important to have everything clean and everything ready and that's why sporting people are superstitious." Either way, he says he thinks 2011 will be his year to bring home the championship. We'll just have to see what Sebastian Vettel and his lucky jock strap have to say about that. [via CNN]


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