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BY: Bix

Here Comes The Bull About The Next Lamborghini

Let the unsubstantiated rumors begin.

With the LP700-4 Aventador officially out of the gate and ready to begin goring overconfident drivers, it's time to begin speculating about the next bull the company plans to release: the Gallardo's replacement.

Rumor has it the car will go by the name Cabrera, inspired not by the hard-drinking Detroit Tigers first baseman but by a historic breed of fighting bull related to the Miura lineage. (However, the source of this rumor appears to come from a FerrariChat member who took an educated guess at Lamborghini's plans for the rest of the decade, so take the name with a veritable mine of salt.)

While Lamborghini has officially said pretty much zip about the car, the Gallardo has been a dynamo of success for Lamborghini, so don't expect much change from the V10-and-AWD layout it made popular. Do expect Aventador-inspired styling, increased use of carbon fiber to reduce weight and a slight power bump—likely to around 600 horsepower. The Murciélago went about eight years before being replaced, and the Gallardo is in its eighth year of production now, so we wouldn't be surprised to see Lambo wind down Gallardo production this year in order to reveal the "Cabrera" in 2012. [via L'Automobile, Autoblog]

Pictured: Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Bicolore


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