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BMW i8 Doesn't Mind The Chill (w/Video)

Prototype spotted testing in winter weather.

Electric motors and cold weather don't usually work very well together, a fact early adopters of recent primarily-electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt have become quite aware of during this chilly winter. Obviously, testing in cold weather is even more important for hybrids and electric cars than it is for conventionally-powered cars.

So we're not surprised BMW has been testing their diesel gas-electric Efficient Dynamics/i8 prototype in Scandinavia, as the videos below show. We are a little surprised they left the concept car's license plates on, though. Did they have an inkling someone with a video camera would be watching? Or do they just want to score a few easy points with the powerful caribou lobby?

[via E90Post]


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