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Audi Endorses Winter Sports Car Driving (w/Video)

That's the power of quattro, baby.

Hard as it may be to believe, winter isn't over just yet. There's still two more weeks until we officially close out the coldest and darkest of seasons, and even after March 20th rolls around, the threat of frigid weather and frozen precipitation remains in place for another few weeks for those of us in the northern states.

But as we know, snowy roads don't mean you can't have fun behind the wheel. Audi knows it, too, as the ad below proves. Bonus points to whoever the dude is who parks his R8 outside without a cover, even when he hears "several inches of snow expected tonight" on the radio.

[via YouTube, Carscoop]

  • Audi Confirms The Winter Sports Car (W/Video) | Sports Car Reviews says:
    June 15, 2011 at 10:54 pm

    [...] But, as we know, the snowy roads do not mean that you cannot have fun at the wheel. Audi knows, too, as evidenced below advertising. Bonus points to that the dude who parks his R8 outdoors without a resume, even when it means “several inches of snow expected tonight” on the radio. original: Audi Endorses Winter Sports Car Driving (w/Video). [...]

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