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BY: Bix

991-Gen Porsche 911 Spied Yet Again

New 911 looks all kinds of pretty.

We hear that Porsche is planning on unveiling the next-generation 911 at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September, but considering how often we're seeing the new car in the frozen north of Europe, we've got a sneaking suspicion Porsche is already selling them to Scandinavians under the condition they keep them camouflaged.

Admittedly, calling what these cars are wearing "camouflage" is like calling the stuff inside a Taco Bell chalupa "beef." Like the best Victoria's Secret lingerie, the cladding stretched across these Porsches only leaves the barest hints to the imagination...but somehow, that makes it all the more titillating. The video was shot by German car magazine Auto Motor Und Sport; unfortunately, they've disabled embedding (those Naz...er, never mind), so you'll have to click here to see the video on their YouTube page. [via YouTube, auto motor und sport]


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