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Lexus LFA Does Donuts Around A Supermodel (w/Video)

How many of our favorite things can you cram into one video?

We didn't really think the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue had any room for improvement, but it turns out there was one thing it was missing: continuous ovesteer.

So Lexus decided to throw some in this time around. The new issue (which hits stands today) contains an ad with the LFA making donuts around bikini-clad model Rianne Ten Haken. While it certainly would have been easy to just Photoshop the girl and the car together, Lexus did the honorable thing and actually had Rhys Millen drift the car around Haken—then released a video with behind-the-scenes footage of the photo shoot.

While the resulting clip isn't our favorite example of an LFA hooning about in an aircraft hangar, it is pretty entertaining. Plus, hey, supermodels and supercars are two tastes that always go great together.

[via YouTube, GTSpirit]


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